If you’ve lost a lot of weight but want to regain your natural contours or simply can’t seem to get the results you desire no matter how much weight you lose, Wilson Plastic Surgery will work with you to reveal your best body. Dr. Wilson is devoted to helping you enhance your figure by sculpting your thighs, tummy, and trunk, and highlighting—but not changing—the fundamental curves and proportions that make you unique.


Maybe you desire to look like the relaxed, more youthful, more rejuvenated self you feel you are on the inside? Put your best face forward with the help of Wilson Plastic Surgery. Working together, Dr. Wilson and you will determine what kind of procedure will help you look better without looking like a different person. From face lifts to blepharoplasties, rhinoplasties to brow lifts, laser peels to injectable fillers, Wilson Plastic Surgery offers a wide variety of surgical and nonsurgical options to aid in maximizing your greatest facial features.


Whether you’re considering a breast augmentation to create your desired silhouette or a breast reduction to relieve back and shoulder pain, Wilson Plastic Surgery will bring out the best in your shape. With his deep commitment to enhancement instead of alteration, Dr. Wilson can help uncover your optimal contour without compromising your natural beauty. Breast cosmetic surgery bolsters not only your physique but also your self-esteem, inspiring you to discover a new-found confidence.