Fraxel Laser treatment in Huntsville AL

What it is

Fraxel DUAL laser is the most effective laser available today for skin resurfacing and revitalizing. It is nearly pain-free, is done in the office, and requires minimal downtime. The treatment session takes about 20 minutes.


Candidates for Fraxel DUAL treatments are patients who want to obtain remarkable improvement in their fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots, acne scarring, large pores, irregular texture, actinic keratosis and it has now been approved for treatment of stretch marks. Fraxel DUAL laser treatments can be done on any skin on the body, including face, neck, chest, extremities and hands.


Fraxel DUAL laser has the unique advantage of two different treatment modes:

  • 1550: penetrates deep into the skin layers, specifically targeting concerns such as wrinkles or acne scarring and stimulates collagen growth.
  • 1927: effectively targets sun spots, age spots and tone and texture, which are more superficial signs of aging.


Fraxel DUAL laser has been used safely in over 700,000 treatments worldwide. However, potential rare side effects include blistering, scarring, and pigment changes.


Downtime with Fraxel DUAL is minimal. Patients can return to their normal routine after treatment and do not require wound care treatment. Treated skin may appear pink or red for 1-3 days. The skin will transition from pink or red to a bronzed appearance that may peel or flake for 2-7 days. Patients are recommended to wear sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher to prevent new sun spots from occurring after treatment.