Truly customized care for our patients

When a patient comes to my office, I personally sit down with him or her and explain the procedure in depth as well as the expected outcomes, risks, and alternatives. 

I recognize that each patient has different needs and expectations.  I customize my patient’s care to the patient’s needs and encourage the patient to direct the procedure they desire.  I don’t practice cookie cutter plastic surgery.

I allow the patient to tell me what bothers them instead of me telling them their “flaws.”

Every patient is treated like a family member.

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Is EarWell™ Safe for My Baby?

At first, the idea of placing a mold over an infant’s ears to change the ear shape may sound drastic and even undesirable for a parent. However, this is precisely how the EarWell™ Infant Ear Correction System works, and the results are safe and successful. Everyone has known a child with overly large or deformed […]

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