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Truly customized care for our patients

When a patient comes to my office, I personally sit down with him or her and explain the procedure in depth as well as the expected outcomes, risks, and alternatives. 

I recognize that each patient has different needs and expectations.  I customize my patient’s care to the patient’s needs and encourage the patient to direct the procedure they desire.  I don’t practice cookie cutter plastic surgery.

I allow the patient to tell me what bothers them instead of me telling them their “flaws.”

Every patient is treated like a family member.

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3 Tips to Reduce the Appearance of Scars After Cosmetic Surgery

4 Minute Read:  It goes without saying that cosmetic surgery is still invasive surgery, which means that incisions will be made in the skin.  And while many men and women are excited for the various cosmetic improvements that plastic surgery offers, the resulting scars are some of the most common worries that potential patients have. […]

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