What it is

Liposonix is the newest and most effective non-invasive fat-reduction technology available today. Using high-intensity focused ultrasound energy, Liposonix permanently destroys fat cells from the patient’s abdomen, flanks, back, arms, thighs—any area below the neck. In only one hour-long Liposonix session, patients can expect to reduce the targeted area by up to one inch on average, equivalent to dropping one dress or pants size.


Since Liposonix does not require any surgery or recovery time, it is an ideal procedure for patients who are dieting and exercising, but can’t lose that last bump. Since Liposonix is a sculpting procedure and not a weight-loss technique, Liposonix is not a substitute for diet and exercise and is not recommended for obese patients. Liposonix is only FDA-approved for the abdomen and flank, but has been used successfully “off label” for most areas below the neck.


Liposonix employs high-intensity focused ultrasound energy to heat and destroy fat cells half an inch below the skin’s surface in any part of the body below the neck. Liposonix treatments last about an hour. Patients remain conscious during the Liposonix procedure. Liposonix is required only one time per body area; there is no need for follow-up treatments.


No complications have been reported with Liposonix. Liposonix patients may experience mild discomfort during the procedure, which is addressed with oral pain medication administered in the doctor’s office. Temporary swelling, bruising, redness, and tenderness are possible as a result of Liposonix.


Downtime from Liposonix is minimal; Liposonix patients may even return to exercise the same day as the treatment. Patients will experience some temporary tenderness at the treatment sites.  Liposonix should expect to see final, full results 8-12 weeks following the procedure.