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Body Contouring

After Weight Loss

Getting down to the desired number on the scale is only half the battle for men and women undergoing major weight loss. The more weight you lose, the higher chances you have of being burdened with excess, sagging skin that affects your appearance and causes painful chafing. Many men and women become frustrated following their weight loss because even though the scale reflects their desired number, their bodies still don’t have that lean and toned look they envisioned. Body contouring surgery after major weight loss combines multiple procedures to eliminate excess fat and skin for a sleeker, firmer physique.

How Can Body Contouring Surgery Help?

Body contouring surgery has the ability to completely transform your appearance. It targets multiple problem areas for overall correction. Combining several procedures saves time, helping you achieve your desired appearance faster. Each procedure is customized for the patient in order to highlight their specific body contours and treat their unique problem areas.

What do you desire?

Body Contouring concerns

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the extensive nature of body contouring surgery after significant weight loss, general anesthesia is used to ensure patient safety and comfort.
Patients who undergo body contouring after major weight loss often require lengthy surgery. Lower body lifts can take between five and seven hours to perform. Patients are kept overnight for monitoring to ensure no complications have developed.
Body contouring surgery is generally a safe and effective procedure. However, like with all surgeries, some risks are present. Blood loss and infection are the most common complications. Although rare, seromas (the buildup of fluid under the skin) can occur, which is why it is important to wear a compression garment if you are advised to do so.
Breast lifts are only designed to correct sagging. If you have experienced breast volume loss along with breast sagging, you should consider combining a breast augmentation with your breast lift. Breast implants will provide an increase in size, while the breast lift strengthens weak tissue.
Pregnancy after body contouring surgery can cause changes to your results that cannot be reversed through diet and exercise, meaning you may require additional surgery to restore your results. It is recommended that patients wait until after having children to undergo body contouring procedures. However, due to pain and the impact on quality of life caused by excess skin, some patients cannot wait until they have had their desired number of children.

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