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Thigh Lift

Weight loss can leave you with skin laxity, which can develop into unwanted folds. This sagging skin can occur in many areas, including the thighs. Excess tissue along the thighs can be especially problematic because it can lead to discomfort and cause clothing to not fit properly. Dr. Wilson performs thigh lift surgery on men and women looking to enhance the shape of their thighs. This surgery can provide significant relief from excess, irritating skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thigh lift surgery is performed with the patient under general anesthesia.
Any man or woman who is in good health and has excess skin along their thighs may be a good candidate for thigh lift surgery. You should have realistic expectations about your results. Patients who have lost a significant amount of weight should be close to their ideal weight and have maintained their weight loss for about six months to a year.
Initial swelling can dramatically alter the appearance of your legs. By six weeks, most major swelling should subside enough to see the final shape of your thighs. At this time, your legs should appear thinner and more firm.

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