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CO2 Laser Peel

With so many different methods to revitalize your facial skin, choosing the right treatment can be a challenge. While many patients opt for the surgical route to address facial imperfections such as wrinkles and lines, others prefer a quick and non-invasive approach. Our non-surgical CO2 laser peel uses cutting-edge carbon dioxide laser technology that refinishes superficially damaged skin by removing layers of the epidermis and stimulating collagen growth in a single treatment.

Your CO2 Laser Peel

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CO2 Laser Peel Concerns

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideal candidates for a CO2 laser peel must be in good health and have skin that has been damaged by the elements, particularly the sun. Patients taking Accutane should be off this acne medication for at least one year prior to laser treatment.
During your CO2 laser peel, a carbon dioxide laser will penetrate the skin at a depth that is determined by the skin’s condition and your desired outcome. The energy from the laser will then vaporize the outer layer of skin and remove imperfections to provide you with clearer and tighter skin.
CO2 laser peel results are long lasting and can provide you with smoother skin with just one treatment.
CO2 laser peel is an ablative laser treatment done in the operating room under general anesthesia.
Patients who desire a less invasive laser treatment can opt for Fraxel®. This treatment option can be done in office, but it requires multiple treatments to achieve the desired results. Fraxel® is also the better option for people with a darker complexion.

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