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Arm Lift

You may be dissatisfied with the appearance of your arms following recent weight loss, because you have begun to experience age-related laxity, or because you are simply naturally prone to an undesirable arm aesthetic. If your arms lack the toned and slim contour you’ve always wanted, you may feel the need to hide them. Arm lift surgery treats excess skin and fat along the arms, restoring a firmer and more attractive appearance.

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Liposuction can be an important tool to use with any arm lift procedure. Excess fat accumulation around the arms, back, and chest can affect the quality of your arm lift results. Dr. Wilson can use liposuction to better shape and contour your arms for a more attractive aesthetic. Removing excess fat can help slim the arms and improve the appearance of your back and chest. All liposuction incisions are placed in discreet locations so that it doesn’t result in any additional scarring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Arm lift surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure with the patient under general anesthesia to ensure comfort and safety.
As long as your weight doesn’t fluctuate, you should expect quality arm lift results that last you for many years. However, surgery doesn’t prevent the natural aging process from affecting the quality of your skin, and you may see minor changes over time.
Arm lift candidates are in good health and have realistic expectations about their results. They suffer from excess skin along the arms and upper chest that prevents them from having the look they desire and that may cause painful irritation.
Once you have received approval from Dr. Wilson, you can resume all your regular exercise routines. You may feel some initial soreness, but this alleviates over time. Most patients shouldn’t have problems building up arm muscle through weight training.

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