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Breast Lift


Perky breasts are often the mark of a youthful figure, but for many women, time, pregnancy, and struggles with their weight have robbed them of full and firm breasts. The breasts, more than any other area of the body, are prone to sagging over time. Unfortunately, there isn’t a natural correction available to reverse laxity in the breast tissue. Breast lift surgery is designed to restore firmness and youthful projection to sagging breasts by lifting and supporting the breast tissue.

How Can Breast Lift Surgery Help?

For many women, their breasts play a key role in creating youthful, feminine curves. A breast lift can help restore these curves in women with adequate breast volume who have begun to experience breast ptosis (sagging). A breast lift can also significantly improve breast augmentation results for women who lack volume and suffer from breast droop. Dr. Wilson customizes each breast lift procedure to provide the individual patient with results that best suit her needs and that highlight her body’s natural physique.

Identifying Breast Ptosis


Women with mild breast ptosis have a small portion of lower breast tissue that sits below the inframammary crease. Generally, the nipples still have a good projection and point outward.


Women with moderate breast ptosis have a significant portion of lower breast tissue that sits below the inframammary crease. The nipples may have also begun to point downward.


Women with severe breast ptosis have the majority of their lower breast tissue sitting below the inframammary crease. The nipples will have begun to droop and, in many cases, point down toward the floor.

Incision Types

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Breast Lift Concerns

Frequently Asked Questions

Breast lifts are performed using general anesthesia because patients need to be in a completely relaxed state to achieve the best results possible.
You should be finished breastfeeding and allow several months for your breasts to naturally regain their shape. It is recommended that patients wait at least six months following their completion of nursing before considering breast lift surgery. It is also suggested that women undergo a breast lift only after they have finished having children.
It is important that weight-loss patients are at or near their goal weight and have maintained a stable weight for at least six months. Additional weight gain or weight loss following a breast lift can affect the appearance of the breasts. Most patients receive their post-weight loss breast lift after maintaining their results for six months to a year.
While it is recommended that you have a breast lift prior to or in combination with your augmentation, it is possible to perform a breast lift on women with previously augmented breasts. These cases are usually in women who received a breast augmentation when they were younger and have developed breast sagging over time.
A breast lift is designed to provide permanent correction and long-lasting support. An internal suturing technique is used provide additional support to the breast tissue so that your results will be maintained as you age.

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