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High Definition Liposuction in Huntsville, AL

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High Definition Liposuction Procedure

A lot of men and women have localized pockets of fat they would not mind eliminating. Liposuction is commonly used to remove this fat from various regions of the body.

High definition liposuction with a device known as VASERlipo® is a variation of the traditional liposuction process, and it uses ultrasound technology to vibrate the fat cells. This vibration causes the fat cells to melt so that they can be more easily removed from the body. High definition liposuction is an advanced technique that Dr. Wilson utilizes to not only debulk the fat, but to also sculpt the abdomen to create an athletic final result. If you have excess skin or abdominal muscle separation from pregnancy, high definition liposuction can be combined with a tummy tuck to get excellent results.

Dr. Wilson offers high definition liposuction to patients in Huntsville, Alabama.

How Can High Definition Liposuction Help?

High definition liposuction is tailored to you, and its customization creates new contours that will highlight your physique.

What are the Benefits of High Definition Liposuction?

Reduction of Fat

Even though liposuction removes unwanted fat cells, it cannot achieve the same targeted treatment that high definition liposuction can. High definition liposuction allows for a higher concentration of fat reduction around the major muscle groups to create a fit, athletic final result. This is accomplished by using ultrasound technology to liquefy the fat before removal. This treatment removes unwanted pockets from the superficial and deep adipose tissue layers to sculpt the body.

Definition of the Musculature

The strategic removal of fat allows for better-defined shapes and contours. By removing unwanted fat from around the major muscles, the muscles themselves are highlighted and become more visible.

High definition liposuction can achieve subtle curves and enhance an athletic yet natural physique.

Increased Safety for Surrounding Tissues

High definition liposuction uses ultrasonic waves to target and emulsify fat cells. This treatment focuses on the fat cells while leaving the surrounding tissues untouched and undamaged.

The melting of the fat cells before removal also allows for gentle and easy suctioning of the fat, which means less bruising and downtime.


What Areas Can High Definition Liposuction Treat?


The midsection is a gathering place for excess fat for both women and men. Genetics, pregnancy, poor diets, stress, and aging all contribute to excess fat on the abdomen, waist, and hips. High definition liposuction not only removes unwanted fat cells but also sculpts the midsection to enhance the appearance of the abdominal muscles (aka “the six pack”).


Many men and women work hard at the gym to define their torso and pectoral muscles. High definition liposuction reduces excess fat stores while it enhances the definition of the chest muscles.



Excess fat on the thighs, knees, and calves often develops with age and weight gain. This fat can cause uncomfortable rubbing and can limit your clothing options. High definition liposuction reduces the amount of excess fat while enhancing physical comfort.


Weight fluctuations combined with natural aging make the arms a problematic area to tone. The arms and shoulders commonly develop fatty tissue that is resistant to diet and exercise. High definition liposuction achieves what the gym cannot—a guaranteed slimmer arm appearance.

What Are Your Concerns About High Definition Liposuction?


High definition liposuction is an outpatient procedure, and you can return home shortly after your treatment. The treatment areas will experience mild to moderate bruising and swelling following your high definition liposuction treatment. Treatment areas will be wrapped with compression garments that will reduce swelling, promote circulation, and assist in the healing process. Dr. Wilson will instruct you on gentle lymphatic massages that are crucial to obtain the best final result.

Although some soreness and tenderness may persist for a few weeks, most patients feel comfortable returning to work and their regular activities after one week. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for two to four weeks.


High definition liposuction requires small, thin incisions to be made near the treatment area(s). These incisions heal well—and are in stealth locations concealable in swimsuits—but some scarring may develop. Scar visibility can be lessened by keeping the healing incisions out of the sun and applying silicone strips and gel. All scarring will fade with time.


High definition liposuction is performed with the assistance of general anesthesia. You will experience no pain during or immediately following the procedure, and any resulting discomfort or soreness can be minimized with prescribed pain medication. Most discomfort disappears within a few days.


Although high definition liposuction is a safe surgery, some of the rare complications include:

  • Reactions to the anesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Temporary numbness at the treated areas
  • Prolonged healing
  • Unfavorable scarring


High definition liposuction is highly customized to the individual. Therefore, a cost estimate cannot be provided until after your consultation. Your high definition liposuction cost will vary depending on the number and size of the treatment area(s), the extent of fat removal in those areas, anesthesia, facility fees, surgeon’s fees, tests, and medications.

Dr. Wilson will provide you with an accurate cost estimate during your consultation once he has had a chance to evaluate your needs.

High Definition Liposuction Frequently Asked Questions in Huntsville, AL

Am I a candidate for high definition liposuction?

Candidates for high definition liposuction are generally fit individuals who are at a stable weight and do not have a large amount of excess fat. While the ultrasound technology may provide some skin tightening, it will not tighten or remove significant sagging. Fit patients with excess skin desiring athletic results are better candidates for a tummy tuck with high definition liposuction.

What can I expect from my high definition liposuction procedure?

High definition liposuction is highly personalized. Dr. Wilson will make precise and detailed markings on the treatment area. The VASERlipo® device administers ultrasound waves to emulsify the fat, which is then suctioned out through small incisions. Incisions are closed and dressed with bandages.

When will I see my high definition liposuction results?

The results from your high definition liposuction will be apparent immediately following the treatment. These results will continue to improve over the following months as the swelling and bruising resolves. Your high definition liposuction results will be long lasting, but you have to maintain them. This can be achieved by maintaining a stable weight and following a healthy lifestyle.

Why should I choose high definition liposuction compared to traditional liposuction?

Traditional liposuction removes diet and exercise-resistant fat cells, but it cannot sculpt or define the muscles in the same way as high definition liposuction. High definition liposuction allows for a greater amount of fat reduction around the major muscle areas, allowing you to look slimmer and more toned.

What procedures can be combined with high definition liposuction?

High definition liposuction can be performed alone or in combination with other body contouring procedures like tummy tuck surgery, breast augmentationbreast liftthigh lift, or arm lift. As liposuction does not remove excess skin, these additional procedures may be beneficial for patients with moderate to significant skin laxity.

Since liposuction removes unwanted fat, fat grafting can also be combined if any additional volume is desired in another region of the body, such as the buttocks.

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