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First impressions are formed around your appearance. When the first thing people look at is your face, it is important that your face portrays a favorable image of who you are. Even the most youthful, attractive face will begin to show signs of aging over time. Wrinkles and sagging skin can make your face look tired, worn, and lacking in definition and shape. A facelift can trim and tighten your face to create slender, youthful contours so that your face creates a lasting, positive impression.

How can a facelift help?

A facelift can completely transform the contours of your face. This surgical procedure removes excess, drooping skin to eliminate wrinkles and to tighten and smooth your face. The facelift procedure also enhances your face shape to improve its definition. No more will you look rundown and aged; rather, you will look youthful and revitalized with a more refreshed and pleasing appearance.

What do you desire?

Facelift concerns

Frequently asked questions

Good candidates for facelift surgery have extensive signs of facial and neck aging, including jowls, sagging cheeks, deep facial creases, severe wrinkles, “turkey necks,” and the like. Ideal candidates will also be non-smokers with realistic expectations about their results.
The common age range for facelift patients is between 40 and 60 years old. Patients younger than 40 are not likely to need facelift surgery and may experience positive results from less-invasive treatments. Patients with good skin elasticity will see the best results, which is why patients over 60 may not be good candidates as they are more likely to have pronounced skin laxity. Those who undergo a facelift before age 50 will likely see the best and longest-lasting results from their procedure.
Individuals with more severe wrinkles and sagging skin over their whole faces will likely need facelift surgery. Those with aging in limited areas may benefit from a short-scar facelift. In some cases, dermal fillers or more localized facial procedures such as eyelid surgery or a brow lift can provide pleasing results. During your consultation, Dr. Wilson will help you determine which procedure is best for you.
It is common to combine a facelift with a forehead lift, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, or fat transfer to the face. Dr. Wilson can recommend the best procedure(s) for your needs.
Scarring after a facelift will already be well-hidden. Nonetheless, you can minimize scarring by avoiding sun exposure and using a good skin care regimen. Scar massage techniques will be discussed with you at the appropriate time and will also help minimize your scars. Your facelift scars will be inconspicuous and will fade over time.
Facelift results can be long lasting, though your face will continue to age naturally after the surgery. To maintain your results, use proper skin care and protect your face from sun exposure.

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