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Breast Revision in Huntsville, AL

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Breast Revision Surgery

An unsatisfactory breast surgery can leave you more dissatisfied with your breast appearance than ever before. You may be unhappy with the results of your breast augmentation, or complications may be distorting the appearance of your breasts. No matter the reason for your unhappiness, correction surgery may be necessary to provide you with the breasts you desire. Breast revision surgery can improve the size, shape, and placement of your breast implants for more attractive and natural-looking breast augmentation results.

Customize Your Breast Revision

Implant Exchange


  • Implants that are too large can create an unnatural and noticeably augmented appearance
  • Replacing large implants can result in weakened breast tissue that may require a breast lift
  • Once the unwanted implants are removed, the breast pocket is tightened to better hold your new implants


  • Implants that are too small may be the result of improper implant choice prior to your surgery
  • The breast pocket will be adjusted to accommodate new, larger implants
  • When increasing implant size, Dr. Wilson tries to maintain a natural breast appearance

Capsule Work


  • Capsulorrhaphy is designed to shrink the pocket to better hold your breast implants
  • Typically used in cases of implant disposition such as bottoming out or symmastia
  • Sutures may be placed around the breast pocket to hold the implant in place, and a biological mesh may be used as well


  • Capsulectomy is performed in cases of capsular contracture
  • In minor cases, an incision is placed into the scar tissue to release its hold of the breasts
  • In severe cases, the scar tissue and implant are completely removed and new implants are placed
  • Textured implants may be placed to minimize your risk of developing capsular contracture again

Breast Lift


  • A breast lift may be performed as a standalone procedure in women with implants
  • Typically performed when there is breast tissue pooling below the implant that causes double bubble deformity
  • Involves removing excess tissue, using sutures to reinforce breast tissue, and repositioning the nipple-areola complexes in some cases


  • A breast lift may be required in patients who are going from large implants to smaller ones
  • The weight of the large implants weakens breast tissue, and the size stretches the breast tissues
  • A breast lift with an exchange helps ensure that you achieve long-lasting quality results

Reasons for Breast Revision

Wrong Size

  • Wrong implant size can be caused by a number of factors, including your natural frame, chosen volume, and implant placement
  • Dr. Wilson will help you determine the best new implant size to meet your needs

Implant Disposition

  • Implant disposition occurs when the implant slips out of the breast pocket
  • Bottoming out occurs when the implant slips below the inframammary line
  • Symmastia occurs when implants shift towards the midline of the chest

Capsular Contracture

  • Capsular contracture occurs when the natural scar tissue shell surrounding the implant begins to tighten and harden
  • Contracture can cause the breast to become tight, hard, and in some cases, painful

Implant Rupture

  • An implant rupture can occur because of capsular contracture, trauma, or wear on the implant over time
    • Saline implant ruptures are immediately noticeable
    • Silicone implant rupture can take years to become symptomatic

Changing Implant Placement

  • The placement of your implants (submuscular or subglandular) can affect the overall look and positioning of your breasts
  • If your breasts sit too high or lack an attractive shape, changing their position can help
  • In most cases, women choose to move their implants to a submuscular placement to create a more natural breast slope
  • If you are choosing to change to a submuscular placement, you may experience more discomfort during recovery that you did following your original augmentation

Concerns about Breast Revision


Your breasts may feel bruised and swollen following your surgery. Breast soreness and tightness is common and may last several days. You will rest for three to four days in an upright position following your surgery.

Most patients can return to work within three to five days following their surgery. You may wear a special support bra to facilitate healing and provide better results. Patients can resume their regular exercise routine after four weeks with the surgeon’s permission. Your implants will sit high on your chest wall immediately after surgery and can settle and drop for up to six months following your surgery. Most major swelling should have subsided after six weeks, at which time your final results should be visible. Minor swelling may last up to six months and can slightly affect the appearance of your breasts.


You may feel a tight, new pressure on your chest from the change in the weight of your implants. This discomfort can last for several days. During this time, oral medication can be taken to control any pain you may experience.


Dr. Wilson always takes great care to place incisions in discreet locations, and in many situations, the original incision site is used. Some patients are more genetically prone to scarring than others. Patients who develop visible scarring will likely see an improvement in their scars over time. Most scarring eventually fades.


Breast revision is a safe procedure with a low risk of complications. As with any surgery, you should follow your aftercare instructions carefully to avoid infection. Discuss with your surgeon how to best care for your breasts following surgery and how to identify any possible complications that may develop.


The cost of breast revision surgery is determined by several factors. Surgical fees, implant fees, facility fees, anesthesia fees, and the extent of correction required are all reflected in the cost of your breast revision. The type of implant used, including material and shape, can affect the cost of your procedure. A customized quote will be provided for you following a thorough consultation.

Breast Revision Frequently Asked Questions in Huntsville, AL

Why is it beneficial to customize my breast revision?

Each woman’s body is built differently and has different needs. Multiple issues may be affecting your breast appearance. Dr. Wilson strives to tailor each breast revision to suit the aesthetic needs and goals of each patient.

What type of anesthesia is used during breast revision?

Breast revision is performed as an outpatient procedure with the patient under general anesthesia to ensure comfort and safety.

How soon after my original breast augmentation can I undergo revision surgery?

Minor swelling that persists following breast augmentation surgery can affect the appearance of your breasts. Unless a medical complication occurs, you should wait at least a year before undergoing revision surgery.

Will I experience any lasting effects from an implant rupture?

There is no medical evidence to suggest that any long-term complications, such as breast cancer, are associated with implant ruptures. However, it is best to fix a rupture as soon as it is identified.

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