Breast Augmentation

With Lift

Many women seeking breast enhancement will find that they have breast droop that can affect the quality of their results. If breast sagging is left untreated at the time of a breast enhancment procedure, patients can develop complications in the future such as double-bubble deformity or their implants bottoming out. If you are looking to increase the volume of your breasts but have mild to significant breast sagging present, a combination breast augmentation and breast lift may be right for you.

When to Consider a Combination Procedure

After Pregnancy

Women who seek breast enhancment procedure following pregnancy are typically looking to restore lost volume. Empty, deflated breasts often appear not only because a lack of volume but also because the breast tissue is sagging.

Following Weight Loss

Women may notice a significant decrease in the size and volume of their breasts following weight loss. This may be accompanied by poor breast shape caused by drooping, undefined breasts.

Women Over 40

As you age, your breast tissue becomes weaker, and many women begin to experience ptosis. These women may also wish to restore youthful volume that they may have lost over the years.

Your Combination Procedure

Benefits of Combining Procedures

Combination Concerns

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Wilson usually places breast implants behind the muscle for breast augmentation alone and also for breast augmentation with a lift.
A breast lift treats sagging tissue by removing excess skin and reinforcing the remaining tissue using internal sutures. The breast lift restores tissue firmness and provides additional implant support.
Breast augmentations and breast lifts are performed as outpatient procedures with the patient under general anesthesia to ensure comfort and safety.

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