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Attaining a flat and contoured midsection is a goal for men and women of all ages. And while it’s easy to daydream about this body aesthetic, it’s hard to accomplish on your own, especially when aging, genetics, pregnancies, and weight fluctuations come into play. Because of this difficulty, many men and women turn to cosmetic surgery for a little help. Dr. Wilson performs tummy tuck surgery to address excess skin, fat, tissues, and loose underlying muscles. This procedure results in a tighter and smoother abdomen that you’ll be proud to show off for years. Tummy tuck surgery is, however, one of the more invasive procedures, and understanding the recovery period is the best way to ensure that you’ll sail through it.

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Immediately Following the Procedure

Before your procedure, you should arrange for someone to drive you home and stay with you for the first 48 hours. During this time, you will be sore, groggy, and bruised. Having a reliable person with you around the clock is necessary for activities like dressing, lifting, and, once you are cleared to do so, showering. During the operation, Dr. Wilson will inject the area with EXPAREL®, a numbing medicine that will ease discomfort for the first few days. Additional oral medication can combat any residual pain, which should subside shortly thereafter.

After One Week

If drains were placed, they should be removed around this time, and all initial discomfort should dissipate. After one week, you will start to feel like yourself again. That said, you’re still not ready to get back into the normal swing of things. You will still be swollen and bruised, and some discomfort may linger. You will wear a compression garment to help the healing of your abdominal tissues. You should get back on your feet as much as you can. You don’t want to perform any strenuous lifting or exercise, but slow and steady walks around your house or neighborhood are ideal. These walks will help promote circulation and healing.

After Two Weeks

Most patients return to work after two weeks, depending on the nature of their jobs. You should still not lift anything over a ten pounds or participate in any laborious activities.

Weeks Four Through Six

This period may seem the most challenging in your recovery. During these weeks, you will feel like yourself again, and your results will take shape as the swelling and bruising subside. Even though you may look and feel like you’ve recovered, you still have limitations. Any exercise needs to be low to moderate (keep up your leisurely walks), and any lifting over a couple of pounds should be monitored. Your compression garment will still be worn at this time to help your abdominal tissues settle into place.

After Six Weeks

All activities will return to normal after six weeks. At this time, you will only need to wear the compression garment 12 hours a day, and you will be able to start exercising again. As you did take a break from all strenuous exercises, it’s wise to ease back into your routine slowly to ensure that no muscle injuries or any other kinds of strain occur. Listen to your body; if you feel like you still need to rest, then rest, but if you feel like you are back to normal, then it’s time for you to show off your new physique.

Final Thoughts

In addition to the above, a proper recovery period means a healthy lifestyle. Don’t smoke and make sure you eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet as well as get plenty of rest. Use your tummy tuck recovery period as a vacation from any stresses. Getting yourself back to normal is all you should focus on.

If you are interested in tummy tuck surgery, contact Dr. Wilson today by calling (256) 551-2002.

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