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In honor of the kids going back to school, I thought I would write a few words about a growingly popular procedure—The Mommy Makeover.  A mommy makeover is a surgery, usually done in a single stage, that involves surgery on a woman’s breasts and abdomen.  The goal of the procedure is to achieve, and often exceed, the state of the woman’s breasts and abdomen to the period before she had children.

The breast procedure is either a breast lift alone, a breast augmentation, both a lift and an augmentation, or even a breast reduction.  During the end of the third trimester, a woman’s breasts become engorged and stretch the breast skin.  After lactation ceases, the breasts rarely return to their pre-pregnancy state.  Often times the breasts become more droopy, larger, or even smaller than they were before the pregnancy.  The goal of the breast procedure is to create a youthful, pre-pregnant breast customized to the patient’s desires.

The abdomen procedure involves liposuction alone or a tummy tuck with liposuction.  During pregnancy, the muscles that make up your six-pack get stretched and pulled away from your midline.  After pregnancy, despite a woman’s best efforts to tighten the tummy in the gym, more often than not, the six-pack muscles will not return to the midline.  This results in a loose abdominal wall despite loosing all the weight gained during pregnancy.  The only solution to this problem is a tummy tuck.  A tummy tuck consists of 3 things:

1)  Removal of excess skin

2)  Liposuction

3)  Pulling (Plicating) the six-pack muscles back together at the midline

The recovery of a mommy makeover is slightly longer than either one of the procedures alone.  However, the recovery is shorter than the sum of each of the individual procedures done alone.  A shortened recovery, a single anesthesia and trip to the operating room, and financial savings are the main reasons that combined procedures are becoming increasingly popular.  If you have any interest in having a mommy makeover, schedule a consultation and I will be happy to discuss your options and develop a customized procedure for you.

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