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Say “So Long” To Love Handles

While excess pockets of fat can develop anywhere on our bodies, they typically accumulate in specific regions, such as the hips. Both men and women can experience the formation and frustration of love handles. Despite their affectionate name, love handles are an annoyance and a burden, one that is often highlighted by form-fitting clothing. Instead […]

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Cutting Edge Liposuction Procedure

      Want a 6-pack without going to the gym?  A cutting edge liposuction technique known as high definition liposuction or 3D liposuction utilizes VASER ultrasound assisted liposuction to accentuate abdominal contouring consistent with an athletic abdomen.       Liposuction has come a long way since it was first described by Dr. Illouz in 1982.  Initially, liposuction […]

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New and Improved Tummy Tucks

The first tummy tuck was described in 1957 by Dr Vernon.  We have come a long way in both minimizing the pain associated with recovering from a tummy tuck and results that we achieve with a tummy tuck.  A new drug called “Exparel” has drastically improved the recovery from a tummy tuck.  Exparel is a […]

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