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Is BOTOX® Cosmetic Better Than a Brow Lift?

3 Minute Read:  Forget crow’s feet—many men and women fret about the forehead lines, frown lines, and droopy brows that come with age and repeated muscle movements. Happily, there is more than one treatment for this very common condition that affects the upper face, and the results are astonishing. What Can I Do About My […]

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BOTOX® Cosmetic Isn’t Just for Women

One of the most common misconceptions about cosmetic procedures is that they are only designed for women. This statement couldn’t be more false. The market for men’s cosmetic enhancements is growing rapidly, and a good majority of that is for procedures like BOTOX® Cosmetic. Forget Stereotypes It shouldn’t be surprising that men care just as […]

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Spring Forward to Better Facial Skin

The hotter months are coming up, which means the sun will shine bright and stay out longer. Although most people enjoy having fun in the sun during the summertime, the UV rays are damaging to the facial skin. So the brighter the day gets, the more we should be reminded of practicing proper skin care. […]

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Am I Ready for a Facelift?

We may not be able to halt the aging process, but we can reduce its effects. You can try at-home solutions for addressing aging indicators, although the older you get, the harder fine lines and wrinkles become to target. Some men and women resort to cosmetic treatments when creams and scrubs provide them with little […]

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Non-Surgical Touch Ups for the New Year

A new year is here, and it’s a great time to start out with a refreshed appearance. Many of us are looking in the mirror examining our flaws and making our New Year’s resolutions. A lot of people want to liven up their appearance and lose weight. Many people seek plastic surgery at the beginning […]

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