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Say “So Long” To Love Handles


April 01, 2019 | 3 minute read

While excess pockets of fat can develop anywhere on our bodies, they typically accumulate in specific regions, such as the hips. Both men and women can experience the formation and frustration of love handles. Despite their affectionate name, love handles are an annoyance and a burden, one that is often highlighted by form-fitting clothing. Instead of adjusting your wardrobe to hide your love handles, consider getting rid of them for good with cosmetic procedures.

Woman Pinching Love Handle

Why Do Love Handles Form?

Love handles consist of excess fat in the hips. The hips contain a high number of fat cells in both men and women, so it makes sense that this region is susceptible to the retention of excess weight caused by poor diets, lack of physical activity, age, and genetics. The presence of love handles affects both physiques and confidence levels, and unfortunately, are difficult for many individuals to remove. If diet and exercise are not reducing the appearance of your love handles, cosmetic treatments may be right for you.

What Are Your Cosmetic Options?

These days, effective fat reduction procedures are available through both surgical and non-surgical means.


Non-surgical fat reduction technology has made a lot of headway in recent years, and now there are several options to get rid of fat without surgery. One of these technologies is Liposonix®. Liposonix® gets rid of unwanted fat through the application of high-intensity ultrasound energy. When administered to the love handles, this focused energy targets, heats, and destroys delicate fat cells without damaging the healthy tissues. The damaged cells are then naturally eliminated from the body and since the number of fat cells in the body cannot increase, the fat destroyed by Liposonix® treatment is gone for good. Liposonix® is ideal for patients with mild to moderate love handles.


For patients with more significant love handles, liposuction is an ideal way to slim and contour the hip region. Liposuction physically removes fat cells through a suctioning device. This procedure is minimally invasive and results in minimal scarring.

Lower Body Lift

While Liposonix® and liposuction are effective at removing unwanted fat cells from the hips, neither procedure is able to address skin laxity that results from weight fluctuations. A lower body lift removes excess, sagging skin from the hips, flanks, lower back, and abdomen to reveal a tighter, more fit contour.

Maintain Your Results

While the fat cells removed through Liposonix® and liposuction, as well as the excess skin removed through a lower body lift, are gone for good, love handles can form again. The remaining fat cells in the hips can still grow in size if a healthy lifestyle is not followed. Eating a nutritious diet and getting an adequate amount of physical activity will help ensure that your smooth contours stay that way.

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